We have meteorites, moldavite, tektites, and libyan desert glass. We carry candle holders, palo santo wood and spray, sage sticks, crystal crafts and stone animals, gem bottles, himalayan salt lamps and nightlights. Selenite lamps. We carry loose gemstones and cabashons. We have large and small Arkansas quartz clusters and points that are of good quality. We have hand carved stone pendants. We carry many types of tumbled stones. We can do custom made pieces. We are happy to share our knowledge with you and help you find the right crystals and stones. Krista is a reiki master and certified life coach and will give you a session to help you on your lifes evolution and journey.


We have rings, bracelets, pendants and necklaces. Most of our jewelry is set in sterling silver and all of it is high quality and the stones and jewels are genuine.


We have ammonites, trilobytes, moseasaurus bones, alligator head fossil,fossilized wood and more

Stones and Crystals

We have a vast array of all kinds of crystals and stones including malachite, lapis, Jaspers, herkamir diamonds, amazonite, quartz, agates and amethyst.